ASL vs English A Grammatical Analysis; DVD with Workbook

ASL vs. English - a Grammatical Analysis

It examines the differences and similarities between ASL and English to give students insight into the inner workings of ASL. DVD in ASL with English voiceover written by Mary Luczki. The DVD analyzes the basic grammatical structure of ASL and how to properly construct ASL dialogue. Viewers will come away with a better basic understanding of the whys and wherefores of ASL. Basic tools are provided to improve one’s command of ASL grammar. This DVD and workbook will be an invaluable resource for students, both beginning and advanced.

$49.99 DVD + workbook
$20.00 workbook only



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  1. aanthony
    This is an amazing tool! I found this extemely helpful to my understanding & interpreting! Written in a very kind & enjoyable way!

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