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Are you ready for 30 days of ASL Practice? Here's how it works:

  • Watch the daily video from OIC Movies.
  • Watch again with captions to see if you missed any signs.
  • Post to Instagram and tag #ASLChallenge
    That's it!!

You can see the videos on Instagram or Facebook,, or receive daily reminders by joining the OIC Community.

To see the captions for the videos, you'll need a Premium Subscription. Join this challenge for only 99¢. The subscription will end in 45 days. If you're already a Premium subscriber - there is NO COST to join the challenge!!
*use the promo code 30DayASLChallenge when you select the Premium Monthly Subscription. (This will NOT renew monthly.)

For your Instagram post - we'd LOVE to see your own video using a new sign that you learned. OR - just repost our video and tag it #ASLChallenge. Do you have a favorite video that is on a similar topic? Share that and tag it.

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