The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

  • The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

Ruth Anna Spooner translates literature into her native American Sign Language.

About this poem, "Playing with the crazy number of internal rhymes in this poem and experimenting with how to show them visually in ASL."

From Ruth Anna:
I read. A lot.
And I write, too.
But I also enjoy translation.
More specifically, translating literature into American Sign Language, which is my native language.
Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, you name it.
These videos are my experiments in translating from a print language to a visual language.
Any translator will tell you that the task of translation is an exhilaratingly challenging one, and as a translator, you are never satisfied with what you've done. You always see a different way that you could do it, and I'm no exception.
Some of my translations I like, but others I want to redo someday. I'm always tinkering with them.
For now, though, here they are: my imperfect, thoughtful, and sometimes silly attempts at translation.



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4 Responses

  1. Lynn Alderman
    Dear Ms. Spooner, I thought your interpretation of The Raven was brilliant and very moving. I look forward to watching your other interpretations of great works. You are amazing! Thank you!
  2. Steven Scott
    Aw, MAN! Thank you SO much! I never understood this poem before! Now I shall have trouble ~ Nevermore!
  3. Alana luchtman
    Your comment*
    • Alana luchtman
      A pure delight to watch.Ms.Spooner is very talented at making a classic tale come alive. Her interpretation is a must see for aspiring ASL students.

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