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Special Education Tips

  • Special Education Tips in ASL

Rosa Lee Timm, offers helpful tips to make you a more effective advocate for your child's special education needs.

She discusses the importance of keeping your records organized, writing letters to express concerns or ask questions; reviewing documents before signing them, finding expert support, and understanding the legal standard that applies to special education services.

Use of ADD and ADHD Medications on the Rise

The number of young adults taking medication for ADD or ADHD has nearly doubled. Its not possible to teach someone with AD(H)D to act "normal." Its a serious condition that makes being a student, holding a job, and every day life much harder. If your son truly has ADD, please get him professional help. I went throughout all of high school...

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Back to School Food Safety

  • Back to School Food Safety

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Having a hard time sleeping? These tips may help. I haven't slept well for a week. Why? I have bedbugs! They bite me! - added 12/21/2014 - by Steven Scott Yikes Steven Scott!! I hope you're kidding! Bedbugs are HARD to get rid of. - added 12/23/2014 - by Mary...

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