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Dr. McKee of Michigan Medicine provides an overview of U-M’s Deaf and hard of hearing health program Unlisted

Hello! My name is Michael McKee. I am a family medicine doctor at the Dexter Health Center, affiliated with the University of Michigan, also known as Michigan Medicine.

I wanted to briefly introduce myself and a bit about the program we offer at our health center.

I am a deaf doctor trained in family medicine. This means I am to take care of all patients, including babies and also people. I am bilingual, can either speak or use ASL. A big goal of mine is to ensure Deaf and hard of hearing patients have health equity. This means they are able to get the same level of access and quality as anyone else who may be hearing.

We know unfortunately we still have a long way to go before we have achieved that goal!

At our health center, we have two doctors and a social worker trained to provide mental health services that can take care of your general medical needs, including mental health. Our services are available in ASL.

Transfats on the Way Out

Originally published - December 4, 2013...

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