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Business School Presentation from Brian Llanes

  • Business School Presentation from Brian Llanes

While Brian may not be starting this business himself, his ideas for "Sign and Dine" may be of interest.  This is an example presentation of a business plan.

Optical Job then Mom!

Judy worked for an eye doctor before she became a mom.  From the documentary, Silent Memoirs - Life Stories From the Deaf. Wow - added 11/11/2010 - by jordenangelgirl Keep it up! I work radiology office for 20 years. I am proud of you! - added 11/11/2010 - by kxs333...

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Deaf Owned Collision Center

  • Deaf Owned Collision Center

How do role models impact the lives of deaf individuals?

  • How do role models impact the lives of deaf individuals?

Role Models as Facilitators of Social Capital for Deaf Individuals: A Research Synthesis

Deaf individuals often experience barriers such as negative attitudes, prejudice, and reduced accessibility in school and work environments. The purpose of this article was to explore the unique contributions role models can provide for individuals who are deaf. We reviewed and summarized findings from role models research and identified four key themes across the literature. Our findings suggest that role models for deaf individuals seem to influence personal development that positively impacts achievement in academics and employment.