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Tips on Buying and Thawing a Turkey

  • Tips on Buying and Thawing a Turkey

From the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the public health agency in the USDA.

Journey Into the Deaf World

  • Journey Into the Deaf World

Ben Jarashow talks about the elements of deaf culture from the societal (hearing and deaf communities) and medical perspectives. The application of eugenics and audism is also discussed. Limited slideshow for ASL viewers. Closed Captioned.
Children's Physical Developmental Clinic:

Team Interpreting with ASL Village – part 2 Transcript: Hello and welcome to the second in this series of teaming discussions. We’ve already discussed interpreting where you are just passing the baton, but let’s delve into what happens when you will actually be working with your team for an extended period of time. What does this look like before you even get…
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