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Fingerspelling Strategies by Mary Luczki

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Why is reading fingerspelling easier for deaf people, and harder for hearing people?
Why do some interpreters get carpal tunnel?

This DVD is in ASL with English voice-over.  Mary is from a Deaf family, she was hard of hearing as a child, and is now deaf. She is a nationally certified interpreter, and has worked for many years as an interpreter, mentor and teacher of American Sign Language. Many of her former students are now interpreters. In addition to being bilingual (ASL and English) and bicultural, she has also been both a provider and consumer of interpreting services.


As a result of years of observation and personal research, her workshops provide a unique perspective and rare insight into the nuances of the Deaf mind, culture, and language. These qualities and her sense of humor and speaking ability also offer useful strategies to improve proficiency in various aspects of ASL.

Stephanie Zinggeler says about Fingerspelling Strategies: “I have to tell you, the fingerspelling DVD is amazing. 5 out of 5 stars. I can’t thank you enough. :)”


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