Ease of solar radiation reflected general weakness, apathy, lethargy, crying, turbine dist, headache, pale skin, Flushing, increases the body temperature of 38-38 ° C to sleep, Times Grade One to develop according burn Factor Kozhi.- (II) (protection); Manufacturing. Chamomile flowers Pour the boiling water and infused the ball for 30 minutes, then strain. Avocado stirred gently UNITE one tablespoon of bran mixture of almonds, ADD 1 tablespoon chamomile and mix well. Patients with leptospirosis information on persons this lasix article hospitalized infectious hospitals. September penicillin privacy is made, is injected into the muscle of 6 times a day dosing unit 6-12 Million Another type and severity of disease for 7-10 days. Gravi forms of the disease are treated by the addition of gamma globulin containing antibodies protivoleptospiroznym Other common serotypes of Leptospira. 10.5 ml - sono stati intramuscularly administered the first dose of 10-15 mL for days. Early gamma-globulin Reduce the incidence and severity of reputation Net, Tannin, oak bark, protein, drug effects due to the presence of starch and organic acids. Preparation of oak bark sludges, anti-inflammatory, astringent and toning, tannins, it is also possible to seal the cell membrane, in order to enlarge the wall of the vessel, prevents them from stagnation elongation, and their blood. The initially dried 10-12 hours of boiling water per liter of crude drugs 50 g, was filtered, the bath treatment bath tap water infusion prepared from the supplementary cut oak antibioticon trimethoprim uk bark was prepared. The duration of the treatment bath 15 to 20 minutes. Therapy Session 20, contraindications no oak bark processing bath. Peppermint - wild perennials, does not occur in an essentially Russian territory. However, it has grown in each plot. Medicinal raw materials are leaves. The leaves are collected during flowering in the shade and dry air. Leaves of mint is composed of mostly menthol, has an interesting opinion homeopaths kislot.U acetate valerian and graphite, it contains essential oils.

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