Cold symptoms – What is a cold?

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  1. James T. Galvin Jr.
    Since I had experience with my URI once I did request my primary care physician common they gave me ZPAK calling relate with Azithromycin it works faster than common prescription. Once Doctor was out of his trip to Rose Bowl Parade 2013 and watch football in the stadium that was bad time. Forced me to admitted in the hospital during that morning before one day of Rose Bowl Parade. So that better than nothing to not to wait until Doctor return in the office. So far I communicated thru email with him what I need prescription to him to authorized really simple do this for hearing impaired patient so my recommend to sign up your local hospital calling "Follow My Health" portal is much easier for patient can communicate with their Doctor depend on what location you are in even also text communication with Follow My Health good opportunity for the patient can communicate with...
  2. Chanel Legare
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